Medical skin adhesives and sealants for topical wound care

FDA Type II Topical Skin Adhesive 2-Octyl Surgical

  • Half the cost of Dermabond (market leader)
  • Non-runny, high viscosity
  • One coat application
  • Higher film tensile strength than Dermabond
  • Higher skin adhesion than Dermabond
  • More flexibility than Dermabond

Highly improved 2-Octyl Medical Skin Adhesive Applicator

An ampoule that provides sufficiently high pneumatic pressure to overcome deficiencies of the ubiquitous, conventional skin adhesive applicators.

Patent pending design yields the following over the present state of the art 2 component applicators;

  • First squeeze easily fills the porous tip
  • Subsequent squeezes dispense identical, controlled amounts. (Precise and complete flow control)
  • Eliminates bubbles upon dispensing which occurs with Dermabond
  • No leaking as occurs with the market leader Dermabond

FDA Type I Topical (Cuts/abrasions) – new use for bedsores/ulcers

  • Ulcers/bedsore prophylaxis and wound sealer
  • Weekly use in place of daily hydrogels
  • Similar quality and properties of Type II above
  • Lower cost than hydrogels

UV cured Medical Skin Adhesive and Sealant Wound Closure (Patent Pending)

  • Instant cure on demand
  • Potential hemostat
  • No cure on demand medical skin adhesives or sealants presently exist